Canadian Music Week: Day 1

The day really sucked actually. The weather was crappy and wet which was fine because The Sound of Pop only went out to get the Media Pass and spent the rest of the day indoors planning out which venues to go to. However, by night time the weather was still wet and cold but that didn't seem to matter too much because once at the Gladstone Hotel it became the start of an awesome night.

I missed the opening act but I arrived in time to see Chris Velan and he was followed on the stage by Rouge, Creature and Gentleman Reg as part of the line up for 103.9 Proud FM showcase. After the Gladstone I unexpectedly headed over to Pipers at the Royal York for some great DJing by Qualite Motel…if you read my previous you'd know that I was hoping to catch Chasity at 1:00 am at the Annex Wreckroom…unfortunately I was not able to see that performance but wish her all the best and hope she had fun last night.

But just read on below to find out what you missed and what I enjoyed.

Chris Velan

Chrisvelan I arrived at the Gladstone just after 8:30 and what I walked into was a bohemian gentleman with no shoes on, playing his guitar and the crowd was loving every moment of it. Chris Velan has this warm and genuine personality that shines on stage. Listening to him talk in between songs and watching him enjoy himself singing and preforming, made you feel like you were watching your friend on stage. His music was just so positive and fun. 

He played my favourite song Same Clothes off his new album Fables for Fighters. Chris did not hold back when he ended his set with Oldest Trick; strumming his guitar, jumping up and down and the crowd was just loving every moment of it. He is truly a talented artist and his songwriting skills are outstanding. He writes lyrics that come from the heart and life experiences that we can all relate to, and that's why he is able to put on such a great show. He is not on stage playing his guitar because it sounds good or singing words because they rhyme….he is up there giving a piece of his soul and that is why he is able to bond with the audience on such an intense level.

Chris Velan is no doubt headed for big things and The Sound of Pop will always be able to say we saw him during Canadian Music Week 2011!!
Check out his details below:
Twitter: @chrisvelan
Facebook: Become a Fan
Youtube: Watch Him Here


Rouge This Toronto based trio of  Kelly McMichael, Jessica Tollefsen and Emma Tollefsen were actually one of the main reasons the Sound of Pop went to the Gladstone. I am not going to pretend like I knew who this group was, but Canadian Music Week is about discovering new artist and new sounds and we did both last night. 

They had a bit of an ear screeching sound check but that was due to a faulty patch cord so it wasn't really anyone's fault. But all of that was quickly forgiven because they came full force, the vocals were clear, the bass was thumping and most importantly the crowd was moving. The chemistry the three of them have on stage is obvious and the audience feeds off that.

These girls know how to make great electro pop music but most importantly knows how to perform electro pop music live(which is alot harder to do than one may think). The energy at the Gladstone was thru the roof when these girls played their hits from Modern Lovers to their latest track Destruction(our personal favourite!).

Rouge provides a refreshing take on electro-pop music and epitomizes the feeling of the dance floor in everything they do.

Take a look at them for yourself below:
Twitter: @RougeRiot
Facebook: Become a Fan


Creature band If you like myself have never heard of Creature before….you better take notice now because this group is about explode.

This foursome(altho I'm pretty sure last night there was 5 of them) from Montreal Kim Ho, Lisa Ivy, Sid Z, Meli Mae took the energy from the Gladstone that Rouge had worked up and brought it even higher. My mind can not comprehend what happened.

If Kate Bush, Dragonette, Sam Sparro, and Prince were blended together, the end result would be Creature. Their talent is undeniable not just the pristine vocals but also the perfect harmonization and sync of guitar, keys, bass, drums…just absolutely mind blowing.

They showed off their fake British accent, which they stole while in England recording their latest album due out hopefully in a few months. The Prince like vocal intro to their track Bitch In White Leather was a show highlight. My favourite song was Prom Prom because it was so cleverly written and produced that it just made my brain explode.  With lines like "…He asks you on a date but all you want is your best friend Kate….its time to graduate and all you want is your best friend Kate…" and a fist pumping bridge of "…Let her be a lezzie..let her be a lezzie" it truly was a gay anthem and not just a fun dance floor anthem but a honest and sincere track. The song has a positive feel and important message to it. I wish I could find a sample to post but hopefully it makes it on to their new latest album.

Check out the details on Creature:
twitter: @creatureband
facebook: become a fan
Youtube: Watch here

Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg-2071 The whole night at the Gladstone was leading up to the Toronto fan favourite Gentleman Reg's performance. His performance was the perfect way to end the night.

He had a little help on keys with one of the members of Rouge. Gentlemen Reg provided a more electro sound to his usual mellow pop. I wasn't able to stay for the whole set but the songs I did get to see where absolutely amazing. He has a huge fan base in Toronto and its not hard to see why…Gentleman Reg is truly a class act. His music is indescribable its not Moby, its not Coldplay, its not anyone but uniquely Gentleman Reg.

His details are all below but be sure to take the time to listen to our favourite track We're in a Thunderstorm. Absolutely mind blowing pop music.

The Sound of Pop will definitely be on the lookout for Gentleman Reg's next performance and so should all of you. Take a look at his details below:

Facebook: Become a Fan
youtube: Watch him here


We ended the night with our friends at Sennheiser outside Pipers, Fairmount Royal York. We got to test out some really awesome and true sound headphones. Be sure to keep an eye out for their booth or reps throughout Canadian Music Week. And most importantly we got to listen to the DJ stylings of Qualite Motel a side project of Misteur Valaire. It was the perfect way to end our opening night for Canadian Music Week.

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