I’m Still Hot – Luciana & Betty White (yes that Betty White)

Now I know what you’re thinking how the heck did UK club goddess Luciana hook up with the last Golden Girl Betty White…the story is quite amazing but will probably get overshadowed by the amazing and insane remix of this song…

The Lifeline Program has two reasons for teaming up these two ladies. The first is help raise money for the Los Angeles Zoo with a portion of the iTunes proceeds benefiting the zoo. Betty White has been a long time supporter of the zoo “I’m so proud to be part of The Lifeline family and thrilled that we’re involving the Los Angeles Zoo, which I have been working with for 45 years. The animals need all the support we can give them.” The second reason is that 2011 marks the 65th year for the baby boomers, and they want to raise awareness of the financial planning alternative that The Lifeline Program offers.

The video for this amazing song will be shot on location at the Los Angeles Zoo and should be appearing sooner than later as it was shot in late August. Just hearing Betty White rap is mindblowing and is just another reason why Betty White is the most amazing 89 year old woman ever.

In the meantime enjoy the audio and head over to iTunes to download this…your iPod will thank you ;-)

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