Canadian Music Week: Chvrches

Virgin Mobile Mod Club was the place to be last night for Canadian Music Week. It was a sold out venue which meant we had to flash a few smiles and use some sweet talking to get let in…seriously there was a moment when our heart was on the verge of being gutted.

This little band from Glasglow has managed to sell out during their North American tour even without releasing an EP(due out March 26th), that is why Chvrches is the definition of a buzz band. The energy in the crowd was contagious, everyone was there to have a great time and get blown away by electropop goodness.

We’ve bragged about Chvrches before but seeing them live was a completely different experience and makes us ever so eager to get our hands on that EP. The venue was perfect for this band and the sound engineer did an awesome job ensuring everything sounded perfect. The light show although simple was choreographed perfectly with each track and created the vibe for the audience to really start losing themselves in the music….which was all too easy to do with the mind blowing vocals on lead singer Lauren Mayberry. However, it was the band as a whole that epitomized the feeling of electropop music.

Once again BBC Sound of miscalculated by placing this band fifth in their list…which actually if history repeats itself is a good thing to avoid the kiss of death of first place prize. Chvrches is definitely going to make 2013 their year and this stop in Toronto was just the beginning of many amazing things to come.

The absolute highlight was their encore…they covered…get ready for it…PRINCE I Would Die For You!!! Their rendition was to seriously die for and was once again choreographed with the lights perfectly and the vocals and synths and just the harmony of everything was just immaculately perfect! Seriously hoping but also doubting that this cover would make it on their actual album due out end of summer:(

Enjoy the audio for I Would Die For You

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