Rihanna – Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary


The great thing about a great album is discovering music that would otherwise not be heard via the radio airwaves. Such is the case from Rihanna’s Unapologetic album that was released just over a year ago. This album has generated it fair share of hits and after listening to What Now we decided to listen to the album again and discovered the best song that never got the radio treatment it deserved. Rumours are circulating that 2014 will see RiRi release 2 new albums which if true, could only mean that What Now is the last single to be released off this album.

Rihanna made it clear during the early stages that this album would see her exploring new sounds and teaming up with new producers/song writers. Rihanna can do no wrong. She can do dance, pop, urban, R&B and can work her pipes on power ballads as well. The Sound of Pop was but shouldn’t have been surprised that electronica and new wave could also experience her Midas touch.

From the start of this track it hypnotizes your ears with electonica synths and keys. Her voice kicks in and takes it to that extra step of pure heaven. The song clearly has Rihanna dealing with the aftermath of Chris Brown which can be seen in lines like “Felt love struck me with a knife/ I pray that love don’t strike twice”. The track encounters a retro breakdown and the smooth voice of Rihanna takes over in one of her most lyrically powerful songs. It shows a vulnerability that is haunted with words like “Mother Mary I swear I want to change…but I’m from the left side of an island”. Overall this song is one of the most honest, heartfelt and powerful songs that Rihanna has ever done which could only be compared to Stay. Take a listen and experience this hidden gem.

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